Moscow, April 2 – AIF-Moscow.

Air company “Aurora”, a member of the Aeroflot group of companies, organized on board the aircraft a new entertainment sildenafil 100mg for sale in australia a program – the streaming system AirFi Venus Box.

AirFi Venus Box is a modern system of high-speed transmission tren suspension of multimedia content to personal devices of passengers. People will be free to choose an entertainment program for viewing on their gadget during the flight.

“Aurora” will provide its passengers with a choice of more than 100 films, serials, shows, cartoons, as well as music, clips, audiobooks, magazines and games. To use the service, you need to connect your device to WiFi on board the aircraft.

“Aurora-AirFi” will operate on the A319 and Q400 aircraft throughout the airline’s route network.

The ultrasonic streaming system is implemented by Aurora along with the Dutch company AirFi BV, which is the leader in mobile equipment.

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