Jakarta – Sriwijaya Air has just launched In-flight Entertainment technology, AirFi. Is this technology safe to use on aircraft? The airline Sriwijaya Air cooperates with AirFi Indonesia, which officially launches SJ In-flight Entertainment service. This service allows travelers to stream content from movies, music and even chat with other passengers on the plane.

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Obviously, AirFi technology is different from WiFi. Satish Mahtani, CEO of PT Dua Surya Dinamika (AirFi Indonesia) explained, AirFi is a simple intranet system where a connected gadget traveler can enjoy the entertainment content provided.

The question is, is this technology safe for air navigation systems?

“Basically, before we install on the plane, this AirFi technology has received a certificate from the Ministry of Transport’s Directorate for the aircraft’s airworthiness and operation (DKUPPU). There is no problem, says Satish at East Java Ballroom, Westin Hotel Jakarta, Wednesday 01/30/2019.

AirFi uses the same frequency as home routers, which is about 2.6 Gigahertz- speed.

“AirFi has been used by more than 62 airlines and 1,600 aircraft worldwide. As for this security aspect, we do not play games READ ALSO: Ready to compete for services, Sriwijaya Air will not defeat Garuda Sriwijaya Air with various routes. There are Jakarta-Denpasar, Jakarta-Surabaya, Jakarta-Medan, Balikpapan-Surabaya and various other routes.

In less than 2 weeks, 26 Sriwijaya aircraft will be installed by AirFi. The goal, after all Sriwijaya Air aircraft have been installed, is that the NAM Air aircraft should be equipped with similar maintenance technology.


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